Port of Ghent

Port of Ghent
eJet on site during fuel receipt at the Port of Ghent

eJet were appointed Consultant to Douglas Terminals N.V as part of a Technical Service Agreement for an agreed period of 6 months. Having previously completed a Gap Analysis to assist the client in their goal of ensuring the import terminal would be approved for use by major oil companies for the storage of Jet A-1 and its onward supply, eJet were retained as jet fuel experts to advise on matters of compliance on an on-going basis.

The agreement was split in to two sections, each lasting three months in duration:

  • The provision of engineering advice during the remainder of construction and commissioning;
  • The provision of technical service support for the operation once up and running

eJet provided the client with an agreed number of hours ‘desk-top’ advice per month to cover the:

  • review of design and engineering documentation such as drawings, specifications, method statements, commissioning procedures and photographs;
  • preparation of operating procedures in line with international industry requirements, in the form of a generic manual which the client could make site-specific for use on site.

As well as desk-top support, eJet spent time on site reviewing project progress and advising on receipt, handling and storage procedures. Following each site visit, a comprehensive visit report was created detailing discussions held, issues witnessed and actions recommended.

Throughout, eJet advised on Jet A-1 specific issues in areas such as piping, mechanical, control logic of fuel-wetted parts of the Terminal, electrical, instrumentation etc.


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