Energy Institute Fuel Filtration Seminar: 30th January 2018

John at Fuel Filtration Seminar Jan 18On Tuesday John attended a Fuel Filtration Seminar organised by the Energy Institute.

This was an important gathering of technical stakeholders in the aviation fuel industry. The key topic of discussion was final filtration of fuel before it goes onto aircraft.

Filter monitors have been in use for this purpose since the 1980’s – they are intended to safeguard against transmission of water into aircraft during fuelling. However there have been some shortcomings with this technology. In November 2017 the IATA SAP Special Interest Group released a position statement that filter monitors shall be phased out of all aviation fuel handling systems. The relevant standard (EI 1583) will be withdrawn in 3 years’ time. This has caused the industry to develop some interesting alternatives, and these were discussed in detail during the seminar.

Of particular interest were Dirt Defence Filtration and Barrier Filtration – each was proposed by one of the industry’s leading filtration companies, and relevant standards are being developed (EI 1599 and EI 1588) to facilitate the commercialisation.

We look forward to further developments.

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