Team Member Spotlight – David Henderson

David has 30 years’ experience in the aviation fuel industry and the downstream and petrochemical sectors. Roles have included engineering, operations and commercial disciplines on both the client and consultant side.  He has worked with eJet on projects in Europe, Africa, Australasia and India. 

Introduce yourself David and tell us about some of the projects you have worked on with eJet.
Brisbane based and currently managing the eJet aviation fuels remit for a large greenfield airport in India as well as a new hydrant system in Africa.

What kind of things might you consider when carrying out work for eJet?
Transferring good practice globally from one project to another.  Aviation fuel systems can be almost identical whether in Lagos, London or Latin America, we are refuelling the same aircraft in each of these locations. eJet International is unique in its global reach, yet in a highly specialised sector with projects in aviation fuel systems only.

We asked the team at eJet HQ to pick 3 words that describe you best. The top choices were approachable, knowledgeable and client-focused.  How does this make you feel?

Flattered.  Of those, “client-focused” is the most satisfying descriptor.  Having been both client and consultant, I find clients appreciate a consultant who has ‘sat in their chair’.   I can anticipate the challenges and difficulties that a client faces in developing their project.

Tell us a bit more about your career to date and what kind of things you have done to gain all this well reputed knowledge.

It has been good luck mostly, with being appointed to interesting and challenging roles.  I spent the early formative half of my career with the Shell group both in Australia and internationally.  There is a joke inside Shell that you work ”dog” years – every year worked feels like seven – you pack so much in and are given great chances to develop and learn.

Such as where?
Everywhere from tiny up-country airfields such as Elcho Island (try to find that one…) through to the largest airports in the world on six continents.

What do you like most about working in the aviation industry?
I never tire of it. Airports have a buzz with people all departing or arriving, everyone with a story why they are making this particular trip.  There is so much opportunity to optimise the technical and commercial performance of aviation fuelling systems, and the industry continues to innovate and grow.  The opportunity presented with SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) puts the aviation sector at the forefront of all the transport sectors in improving sustainable performance.


And finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

What’s ‘spare time’?  Just joking, I have teenage twins who are in their final year of high school and I’m teaching them to drive……

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