As traffic rises, so should efficiency

airport operatorsIt is great to hear news that highlights the growth of the aviation industry each year. This time it’s the news from IATA that global passenger traffic data for April 2017 shows a rise in demand by 10.7% compared with April 2016. This is a brilliant outlook for the future of aviation, but also a stark reminder that the rest of the industry must rise to the challenge alongside it.

As passenger traffic rises, so does the need for a more efficient fuelling solution. We are currently working on a number of Open Access projects at airports across the globe, and feel that this approach is the way forward for an increasing number of airports if the industry is to keep up with demand.

Open Access enables any supplier to provide fuel to aircraft through the airport’s facilities, regardless of who owns it. This not only creates competition between suppliers (and more competitive pricing) but also makes airports more adaptable and, as a result, more efficient.

To see some of the Open Access projects we’ve already produced, visit our case studies page here.

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