Aviation Fuel Strategy

eJet International provides comprehensive business modelling to transform your aviation fuel farm operations, ensuring they are the most effective to meet your goals. This applies at all stages – across planning, build or refurbishment of a site.

We work with airports, airport operators, oil companies and consortia to maximise returns from aviation fuel operations.

Transforming your aviation fuel farm business model – a vital tool for airports

It is vital that fuel operations at an airport – no matter who operates them – are set up to safeguard the supply of fuel for aircraft, otherwise the operation of the entire airport is at risk. From receipt of fuel through storage and on to delivery to the aircraft, it is essential to be able to model the business – its revenue streams, projected fuel demand, and plan for capital expenditure.

The models available vary according to your needs, location and facilities, and as airlines tend to demand greater choice than ever before, the business decision is an important one. Therefore there is scope for more innovative commercial concepts.

Why engage eJet in business modelling?

While an infrastructure project is an exciting development for its investors, owners and operators, it has to achieve their commercial goals. Generally, these goals are to be profitable, to have a cost-effective or lower cost solution, or to find the most attractive investment – and to safeguard aviation fuel supply to the aircraft wing.

This means that the business should be carefully defined – whether it is a new operation or the acquisition of an existing operation. The model must be tested for feasibility, and then planned in detail.

Our experience is broad – and includes innovative models to achieve your goals. The options include:

In addition, we can provide: