Technical Service Agreements


We can provide crucial technical support to our airport operator clients – supporting their technical and operational needs and their contracts with their customers whether they be oil companies, airport operators, airlines or other stakeholders.

Generic services are not sufficient, and our tailor-made agreements ensure we can actively and proactively support you. When a problem occurs it may be too late for us or anyone else to help, so we maintain regular, structured and routine contact with our clients.

Elements of an eJet technical service agreement

A technical service agreement can call on ALL of our services, and typically these may include:

  • Annual operational audit.
  • Maintenance procedures and technical advice on maintenance.
  • Operational efficiency studies and consultancy.
  • Engineering advice.
  • Commercial advice.
  • On-call on-site service.
  • Corrosion monitoring and consultancy.
  • Cathodic protection advice.
  • Drafting and preparation of site-specific operating and quality control manuals, periodic review and amendment.
  • Assistance with set-up of aviation fuel operations.
  • Engineering and project management services.
  • Risk assessments/HAZOP.
  • Quality systems.
  • Training e.g. operations, quality control, specific aspects such as into-plane fuelling, filter maintenance, fire-fighting principles etc.

More information on these individual services can be found across this website.

Provision of other services may be agreed with the client according to requirements.