About us

eJet International was established in 1999 to provide expertise in aviation fuel facilities to airports, airport fuel operators and associated organisations.

In nearly 20 years we have worked on many of the most high-profile developments in airport fuel operations, including the first implementation of an Open Access fuel facility at Hong Kong International Airport.

eJet is proudly independent and our mission is to provide the best worldwide engineering, operational and commercial advice to those involved in storage, handling and delivery of aviation fuel.

We believe in working relationships

We strongly believe that our early involvement with a client pays dividends. We can help ensure that a project is fit for purpose and cost effective before it starts, as well as working with clients throughout its development and operation. We can also help predict when action may be needed.

However it is not always possible to plan ahead – and we often work with clients that have a problem which needs quick resolution. It is not unusual to be on site in another part of the world protecting a client’s interests the day after receiving their first call.

A global consultancy for a global industry

While our base is in the UK – and certain projects are more suited to desktop working at our head office – our people work across the globe and we like the hands-on approach you can only get from seeing airport facilities first-hand.

While our client list varies, we tend to work with:

  • airports
  • airport authorities
  • airlines
  • oil companies
  • fuel suppliers
  • consultancies, contractors and suppliers.