Technical Fuel Farm

eJet International can handle the pre-qualification of potential tenderers for an aviation fuel project.

Pre-qualification is an important phase of a project because it ensures that (if carried out properly) all tenderers on a project will have been judged to be competent to deliver to at least the minimum standards required.

This includes:

  • experience and expertise in the disciplines required
  • financial robustness to complete the project
  • sufficient physical resources (e.g. plant & equipment, manpower, management) to complete the project, taking into consideration other projects also being worked on at the same time.

How we work

eJet will identify potential tenderers, evaluate their pre-qualification response, and shortlist interested parties for full tender. We may approach tenderers directly or advertise the pre-qualification via the media such as the OJEU.

By its very nature pre-qualification should be a safeguard that tenders are not evaluated on price alone – in other words, that the winning bidder is not only the most competitive, but can also execute the project with the required degree of capability, has sufficient financial robustness and has all the necessary resources available throughout.

Therefore it is essential that the pre-qualification process is tailored to the actual project, is efficient in the time taken and cost, and also that it searches for and finds sufficient parties to make the tendering process competitive.