eJet has received numerous testimonials since the company was established nearly 20 years ago.  Here is a selection to illustrate the positive impact our expert knowledge has had on our projects. 

“The hydrant system for the 4 new Code F stands at the P7 apron will transform the way in which cargo aircraft are fuelled at this part of the Airport. eJet provided design, materials procurement, construction tendering services and on-site construction supervision for the hydrant system, and this was key in enabling us to deliver this complex and time-critical project.”
Marc Monhonoval, Manager of Engineering & Project Development – Project: Luxembourg P7 Hydrant

“Thank you to John and the team at eJet for assistance with re-commissioning the fuel system in Keflavik Airport. eJet has fulfilled their scope as per the contract and we look forward to further cooperation regarding the system and will contact eJet again in the future.”
Hermann Hermannsson, Isavia ohf – Project: Keflavik Hydrant Re-Commissioning 

“I cannot recommend John and his team highly enough. He is an expert in airport fueling, knows the industry inside out and did an excellent job for Parsons Brinckerhoff on the New Delhi International Airport Terminal 3, Runway & Associated Works project. He was involved in the planning, design and also construction management and site inspection of the complete fueling system in the new aprons and also how they tied into the old system.  He was able to recommend changes in the contractor design which saved the client $ and they loved him. He also did an excellent job on site inspection for the entire fueling system, supervising our local staff which gave me the confidence that all was OK on such a specialized aspect of the project. Early in his work with us, John also identified an opportunity to influence shaping the commercial structure of the jet fuel business at the airport, and through his work this became an important area where PB helped the client.”
Peter Wright, Project Director at Parsons Brickerhoff – Project: Deli International Airport

“Although we were starting with a greenfield site for the new airport, John swiftly assessed the requirements for the aviation fuel facilities and defined the best way to obtain a party to construct and operate them. He guided us towards our objective of putting Open Access Fuel Supply in place. His approach was open and very positive, and it was clear that we had an expert on the team. His dedication to the project was exemplary and without hesitation, we would recommend his services.”
Ashutosh Chandra, AVP Real Estate – Project: New Bangalore International Airport

“Having been Chairman of the aviation fuel consortium at the new Hong Kong International Airport in the late 1990’s, I worked closely with John over the 3 year period that he was General Manager. He impressed the Board with his capabilities and drive, and I said at the time that we were lucky to have him working for us.

When Chevron was appointed engineer to the aviation fuel consortium to ready Singapore Changi Airport for the new A380 Super Jumbo aircraft, it was natural that we should seek John’s assistance.

John and the eJet team helped deliver this complicated project, involving design, engineering, planning and construction on many workfronts over a live aviation fuel system. We were glad to have John on the team, bringing with him his considerable experience in this type of work. The end result, and the process by which we got there, was good. John and eJet are to be commended for the way the project was handled.”
Alex Ng, Aviation Operations Manager at Chevron Global Aviation – Project: Singapore Changi International Airport