Operations procedures and manuals


We draw from extensive operating experience and ensure your training and documentation is fit for purpose and safeguards against unnecessary risks on your assets and personnel.

Documentation – operation manuals and processes

Documenting your fuel operations processes is crucial, both for your efficiency and compliance. eJet International can provide detailed and site-specific procedures and manuals for new and existing facility operations.

We will ensure:

  • work instructions are clear, concise and unambiguous
  • processes are site specific, incorporating identification and operation of valves, pumps, alarms, safety relief devices etc.
  • manuals and procedures are based upon company-specific requirements or feature tailored industry or statutory body information.

Training programmes – creation and implementation

eJet has extensive experience of delivering training programmes which are specific to a client’s requirements. This can include induction, team and refresher training.

Topics/modules may include:

  • operations
  • quality control
  • into-plane fuelling
  • filter maintenance
  • fire-fighting principles.

We can also develop specialised courses (including as specialised and diverse as ‘pigging’ training) as required.