Tender document preparation

Drafting, communicating, assessing and awarding tenders can be a time-consuming process. More importantly, it requires careful thought from the outset to ensure that the tender is appropriate for the project and minimises the owner’s risk

Our ultimate goal from tender document preparation is to eliminate risk and add value to the process.

eJet International provides a three-tiered approach to tenders:

  1. Technical requirements and tender draft: We can define the technical response required to meet your objectives. This can entail technical drawings as well as narrative.
  2. Assessment and compliance testing: We can assess how tender submissions from applicants comply with the requirements of the tender. This can involve desktop assessment as well as on-site inspections of potential suppliers (e.g. at projects or sites that they have been involved with before).
  3. Contract: We can ensure the contract covers all technical, financial and time-based elements of the tender, and safeguards your interests.

eJet has developed a number of proven tender document format that can be tailored to suit the majority of projects. These have been tested and used with success in real projects.