Vendor Inspection

Technical Fuel Farm

Your facilities are only as good as the suppliers and vendors you use for quality and safety-critical materials and equipment used in the aviation fuel supply chain (e.g. internally and externally-coated line pipe, hydrant pit valves etc.). They need to be aligned with your interests – and one way to ensure this is to have them assessed and inspected.

Our assistance tends to be required in two scenarios:

  • Vendor inspection before you have placed orders for materials and equipment to ensure the supplier meets your standards.
  • Vendor inspection during the manufacture of the materials and equipment you are ordering, to ensure the processes and quality are in place on-site.

Why is vendor inspection important?

The performance of vendors and suppliers across your fuel operations can seriously impact on your service and reputation. Just one let-down could cost your entire operation significant sums of money, for example if a construction project was delayed due to quality issues affecting the completion of a materials order for a hydrant system. Being under pressure to accept sub-standard or variant material because of time pressure or pressure from other contractors is not a good place to be.

Every supplier needs to meet your standards for delivery timeframes, quality levels and price.

Why use eJet for vendor inspection?

Our vendor inspection services ensure a thorough appraisal of a vendor’s capabilities – with a focus on what’s compliant and right for all services across the aviation fuel marketplace.

We can provide a thorough assessment via desktop – or a more searching inspection in person, either on-site at a construction project or at a vendor’s production facilities.

  • Engaging with and questioning vendors.
  • Auditing vendor operations – whether manufacturing, assembly or stockholding.
  • Reviewing vendor quality control procedures.
  • Evidencing vendor record systems.
  • Testing for robust procedures.
  • Identifying client risk.
  • Mitigating client risk.