Audit & Inspection

eJet has many years of experience in inspecting and auditing airport fuel operations. In all cases our wealth of operational, technical and commercial experience will be brought to bear.

Regular scheduled inspections

Inspections are important to ensure you have safe and reliable operations; and, where problems are found, that remedial actions are implemented and assessed.

We can inspect in accordance with the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standards established by the global aviation fuel industry, which covers 40% of current global operations. But we can also work to other standards (e.g. Energy Institute quality assurance requirements, IATA and ICAO manuals, and A4A ATA 103 standards), and your own standards however adopted, using our experience to ensure that the highest levels of quality are being maintained.

We can carry out inspections according to these JIG standards:

  • JIG 1: Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Standards for Into-Plane Fuelling Services;
  • JIG 2: Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Standards for Airport Depots
  • EI/JIG STANDARD 1530: Quality Assurance Requirements for the Manufacture, Storage and Distribution of Aviation Fuels to Airports (which has replaced JIG 3)
  • JIG 4: Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Standards for Smaller Airports

Pre-event inspections

In many cases, inspection and auditing your operations is a useful precursor to a construction or engineering project, or even a change in fuel services operator.

This can ensure that any proposed technical developments are in keeping with the operational requirements of the operator, its staff and the environment in which they operate.