eJet International is the first choice for airports, airport operators, oil companies, fuel suppliers and other third parties looking to create, extend or realign their aviation fuel facilities and operations.

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Explore how eJet International can support you in operating on-airport fuel facilities – maximising your opportunities.

Business Modelling

Discover where eJet International’s aviation fuel business modelling can support you through planning, build or refurbishment of a site.


eJet International can provide the specialist technical skill to support the end-to-end development or extension of aviation fuel facilities at airports.


Find out how eJet’s consultancy services can support you, with the expertise and first-hand experience you may need.


See how eJet International can support your procurement services by providing advice or taking on full behind-the-scenes control.


Trust eJet International with inspection and audit designed to keep your operations efficient, cost-effective and compliant.

Our Work

A great way to discover what we’re capable of is to see how we perform at airports across the globe. Click below to find out more about our clients – and case studies of what we do for them.

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Latest News

  • BLOG: Where does Auckland Airport responsibility lie?

    21st September 2017

    In a follow-up to his previous blog on the fuel shortage at Auckland Airport, eJet MD John Pitts explores the latest developments.

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  • BLOG: How did Auckland Airport get it so wrong?

    eJet MD, John Pitts, discusses the impact that the fuel shortage at Auckland Airport will have, and why airports must consider their back up plans.

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  • VLOG: Importance of contingency during hurricane events

    13th September 2017

    Contingency planning can be difficult for airports, but recent hurricanes across the Carribean and USA have highlighted the need for robust plans to be in place.

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  • BLOG: A global commitment to addressing carbon emissions

    4th September 2017

    The aviation industry is focused on reducing carbon emissions, but should we be concerned over the USA's commitment?

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  • BLOG: Commercialising sustainable technology

    30th August 2017

    eJet MD John Pitts discusses his thoughts on the development of sustainable jet fuel, and how funds should be spent on commercialising existing technologies.

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