Pre-commissioning and Commissioning

Technical Fuel Farm

The pre-commissioning and commissioning stages of an aviation fuel project are critical.

Bringing a construction site up to operational readiness requires focus on the finite detail.

eJet International can assist with:

  • planning
  • providing procedures
  • reviewing third party proposals
  • auditing including review and improvements
  • on the ground supervision of commissioning activities, often on a 24/7 basis.

Why use eJet?

In the case of an aviation fuel hydrant system, pre-commissioning embraces key tests such as pressure testing and soak testing, and commissioning includes line flushing and is often part of simulated/trial operation.

In our experience, pre-commissioning is carried out incorrectly relatively often – and sufficiently often for our services to be justified. We are especially concerned that pressure testing of hydrant systems (the actual on-site procedures and the supporting data analysis/calculations) should be done correctly, and we have developed tools to help ensure this.

Commissioning of an aviation fuel project that is poorly planned and/or executed can compromise the operation for many years into the future – with significant risk ensuing.

An example is the incomplete or inadequate flushing of an aviation fuel hydrant system. If solid contaminant is not fully removed from the system prior to operations commencing, the result could be contaminant remaining inside the hydrant lines. This risks being brought out of the system from time to time during aircraft fuelling – resulting in shortened filter lifetimes or even the passage of contaminant into aircraft tanks.

We are fastidious in ensuring that commissioning is carried out correctly, and as independents we are never afraid to reject a test if flow rates, durations or velocities are not in accordance with requirements. We see ourselves as the last line of defence to protect the client’s interests and minimise risk.