Technical Fuel Farm

Risk mitigation is a key component of any aviation fuel construction project as well as ongoing operation.

HAZOPs and HAZANs are now well established tools in the reduction of risk, and eJet International is expert in their use in relation to aviation fuel.


HAZOP is a HAZard and OPerability study.

It is a formal technique engaging the operator, designer, constructor and any other stakeholders in the development process to systematically review the design in order to identify all possible hazards and operating problems that may arise.

A HAZOP brings together the combined experiences of the study team, stimulating each other and building upon each other’s ideas in a systematic way.


HAZAN is a HAZard ANalysis which consists of three key steps:

  1. Estimate how often an incident will occur.
  2. Estimate the consequence to:
    • employees
    • the public and the environment
    • the plant and profit.
  3. Compare the results of the above frequency and consequence with a target or criterion normally based on the principles of “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP).

How to benefit from eJet’s expertise

eJet has undertaken and participated in many of these processes. It is often a legal requirement to document such a process as part of a project’s overall risk assessment prior to construction or operation.

When participating as an expert, leading or chairing a HAZOP or HAZAN, eJet carries out the process according to its own procedures in line with ISO9001 principles.