Airport self operated

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The Airport Self-operated Fuel Supply Model puts airports and airport operators at the control of their fuel operations.

In the majority of cases, however, this is due to necessity rather than the desire to manage their own operations.

The need for airport self-operated fuel supply

Airport self-operated facilities tend to fall into two categories:

  • An airport operator can become the line of last resort and has to step in if no other parties are available to run the fuel operations. This can occur if the oil industry or any other entity in operations is no longer able to operate the site or is not willing to renew their concession term.
  • At smaller airports where fuel uplifts may be relatively low, third parties may have no interest in taking on the fuel operations. The airport can put fuel into its overall ground operation costs.

Where eJet can help

It is essential to engage eJet well before the end of any current operator’s or service provider’s concession term. We will ensure that alternatives which may better suit the airport are explored.

Where a self-operated model is the only choice, eJet can also help the airport manage its interests.

The key element here is resourcing. This can partly be achieved through transfer of staff from the previous concession (e.g. TUPE). However, it is likely that you will need to acquire expertise sufficient to support the operation. We can put our experts into management positions in a fuel operation in the short, medium or long term to assist an airport through what is generally a very challenging transition period.

We can also help the airport with the provision of their fuel service; for example, helping it to buy fuel in bulk from one or more fuel suppliers for a term period of the agreed contract and operating one, two or more refuellers or bowsers at the required intensity of activity.

Our overriding concern will be to ensure you manage the continuity of fuel supply to airlines, and that the supply of fuel is safe and fit for purpose at all times.