Independent Operator Procurement/DFBOT

Fuel Farm At Night

eJet International is highly experienced in managing independent operator procurement processes:

  • Communicating with and shortlisting potentially-interested parties.
  • Carrying out pre-qualification exercises.
  • Preparing tender documentation (technical, commercial, operational requirements and relevant draft agreements).
  • Running the tender process on your behalf (including evaluating tender submissions).

The need for independent operator procurement

There is a growing demand for independent operators of airport fuel operations.

As traditional operators have withdrawn, a small but effective number of independent operators has emerged; some at international, regional and local levels; some new to the scene who may or may not be able to meet the needs of the airport.

Competitive tendering for the opportunity is essential to mitigate the airport’s risk.

Where construction of new or expanded facilities (e.g. fuel farms and hydrant systems) is required, the tender should address this. The cost of delivering and operating capital assets needs to be factored into the overall business operation or term of the opportunity.

We understand the need for, and different benefits and risk profiles of, the various development models, such as Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT), Design Finance Build Operate Transfer (DFBOT) process.

Why use eJet?

We can handle the entire operator procurement process or add value where you need it. We will ensure you are integrated with the process where required.

eJet can also prepare agreements to govern the relationship between operator, client airport, and other stakeholders such as fuel suppliers and into-plane agents.

We are able to oversee transition to, start-up and delivery of the independent operation (including transition away from an incumbent), and to provide support and risk mitigation services to our client (for example over-seeing the entire process of commissioning of new facilities as part of a BOOT project).