Materials Procurement

Technical Fuel Farm

eJet International can provide a full materials procurement solution for airport fuel operators. This can be particularly important at stages of:

  • new build construction (including fuel farm, pipeline or hydrant systems)
  • expansion of existing aviation fuel facilities
  • sourcing of key operational equipment (such as fuelling vehicles, filter elements etc.).

We develop initial specifications and materials offtakes so that your procurement process is fit for purpose. These specifications and offtakes can then be handed to the client’s internal purchasing function or eJet can generate and place Purchase Orders on behalf of the client. We will then expedite to ensure that the delivery of ordered materials stays on track and meets project programmes.

Why use eJet for materials procurement?

Our objective is to secure the highest quality materials, in the right volumes at the best price. You’ll benefit from full inspection of complex equipment by experts, ensuring that they are up to specification– not only pre-procurement but at manufacture and delivery.

  • Mitigating client risk.
  • Sourcing and procuring specialised materials.
  • Specification of materials and quantities against each project.

We will also be able to advise you on remedies where your procurement process has encountered issues, such as pricing, quality or compatibility issues – or failure to deliver on time.