Delhi International Airport Tender Design

Delhi International Airport Tender Design
eJet Engineer inspecting a tank top vent at the fuel farm

As part of its comprehensive upgrade of the domestic passenger terminal (Terminal 1) at the airport, Delhi International Airport Limited approached eJet at short notice to carry out the EPC tender level design of the Aviation Fuel hydrant system and associated facilities for the new terminal apron areas (no hydrant was in place in these parts of the airport at the time).

Also included was preparation of particular tender documentation for fuel-wetted parts of the project (the Client would handle general tender documentation), and tender evaluation.

The project was in two parts:

  1. T1 hydrant system;
  2. 2. Relevant upgrades to the existing fuel farm (already serving hydrant systems at T2 and T3) in order to also serve T1.

The T1 hydrant system design had to be carried out as a fast-track project for the scope of works to be included in the overall airside works package for Terminal 1.

This required eJet’s specialist skills in aircraft parking planning and hydrant pit positioning optimisation. Tender documentation also had to be prepared against a tight timeline.

The fuel farm upgrades were subject to different constraints – in particular, ensuring that airport fuelling operations would not be compromised as a result of any upgrade work (e.g. tying in additional tanks, hydrant pumps etc.). This required thorough analysis of the risks involved – cognisant with the fact that any outage of the Aviation Fuel hydrant systems serving T2 and T3 would quickly result in compromise to air traffic and terminal operations at these locations.


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