Hydrant System Re-Commissioning

Hydrant System Re-Commissioning
Draining down part of hydrant system prior to particulate found

It had long been commented that the hydrant system at the airport had solid particulates in it – possibly remaining from the construction phase in the late 1970s. Ownership of the hydrant system had passed to the airport operator (Isaviaohf) once the US Navy withdrew from Keflavik. eJet was appointed to lead the technical exercise to clean up the hydrant system. It was important that all relevant stakeholders were completely aligned in order to carry out all relevant procedures such as shut down of hydrant fuelling within the tight overnight time windows allowed on an operational airport.

eJet designed and carried out the following key steps:

  • stakeholder briefing
  • internal CCTV inspection of hydrant system (including definition of procedures to empty relevant sections of the hydrant system and make them safe for passage of the camera)
  • definition of procedure for flushing the hydrant system – including temporary works to configure fuel farm
  • HAZOP prior to flushing procedure
  • supervision and implementation of flushing procedure
  • analysis of flushing results and assessment of cleanliness of system after flushing
  • proposals for further work to facilitate any required flushing in the future.

The flushing process went completely according to plan and it was assessed and agreed with stakeholders that the hydrant system had been cleaned of solid particulate to the extent required by the industry.


Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDXA) of solid
Draining down part of hydrant system prior to particulate found
eJet team carrying out analysis of filter membrane tests after flushing
Solid particulate found
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