New Doha International Airport

New Doha International Airport
Impression of completed terminal building

The overall project was to establish and develop a major new international airport on a largely-reclaimed platform close to Qatar’s capital, with ultimate stage capacity of 50 million passengers and 2 million tonnes of cargo.

eJet was appointed as aviation fuel consultant to the Client’s Engineer to New Doha International Airport (NDIA) during the completion phase.

doha image
Impression of completed terminal

View of 5 x 9000 m³ main Jet A-1 tanks

The aviation fuel facilities comprise both pipeline and road receipt facilities outside the airside boundary, connected to a large airside fuel farm by 2 km of buried pipeline crossing under one of the two runways. The fuel farm itself includes 45,000 m³ storage in five tanks, hydrant pumping capability of approx. 3000 m³/h and a 31 km hydrant system with dual 20 and 12 inch diameter lines and approx. 200 hydrant pits.

eJet’s role as part of completion has been to assess the readiness of the fuel facilities to receive Jet A-1 for commissioning (comprising assessment of the construction works on site, participation in relevant meetings and review of documents and drawings), to supervise the main contractor’s commissioning works (including review and approval of the detailed commissioning procedures and on-site presence during commissioning), and to make technical input into handover documentation (operating and maintenance manuals intended for end user reference).

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