ACI reports concern over Brexit

The latest news from ACI Europe voices concerns over the ongoing uncertainty for the aviation industry, as the UK is poised to officially state its intention to leave the EU.

With over 50% of UK airport passengers flying to/from EU airports and 270,000 jobs in the UK supported by this interdependent market, EU air traffic is certainly important.  Yet despite the uncertainty for our market as negotiations begin, at eJet we also see Brexit as an opportunity to invest in the UK’s existing airport hubs. The aviation industry is constantly evolving – passenger numbers are on the rise and there are new markets to address.  This is an excellent time to consider how we develop our own hubs in order to compete with airports such as Schiphol and Frankfurt for vital trade from around the globe, as well as our potential to build new airports to cope with increasing demand.

You can read the full news release from ACI here:

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