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Year In Review 2020

26th January 2021

Without trying to labour what is now over-used terminology, last year was one of unprecedented change in many ways. 

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ISO 9001 Re-Certification and Why We Find It Helpful

19th November 2020

We have just successfully completed the re-certification of our ISO 9001 for the next 3 years.

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Aviation and Climate Change

11th August 2020

As some parts of the world begin to emerge from lockdown, flights within these reqions are starting again.

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Unprecedented Times for Our Industry: Our Response to Covid-19

1st April 2020

We live in difficult times, and the pace of change is one that few of us are used to in a business sense and on a sustained basis.

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2019: The Year in Review

25th February 2020

2019 was, for some, the last year of the second decade of the new millennium. For those of us at eJet, it was the year in which we celebrated our 20th anniversary and that was something to celebrate! We will talk about the celebrations in 2019 and the year itself in due course, but first, […]

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79th IATA FUEL FORUM IN NEW ORLEANS: The Jet Fuel Industry in the Big Easy

27th November 2019

Whether you drawl it out as N’Awlins, call it the Crescent City or the Big Easy, New Orleans is different. From Creole food, thru Jazz played live by old timers in Preservation Hall, to the sleezy nite life of Bourbon Street, the city which names its airport after Louis Armstrong has it all.

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