BLOG: A global commitment to addressing carbon emissions

Airplane in the sky carbon emissions commitmentIn this month’s issue of Geographical magazine, reporter Marco Magrini comments on the USA’s commitment to addressing its carbon emissions, hinting that its latest move to withdraw from the Paris Accord may be reflected in its commitment to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carbon offsetting scheme. eJet MD John Pitts explains his views, and if we should be concerned. 

Should we be concerned about the USA’s commitment to the green agenda in the aviation sector?

All ICAO Member States were issued a letter in September last year, inviting them to declare if they would be participating in the pilot phase of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) from 2021. The scheme itself is part of a broader, global effort to reduce carbon emissions by 2020, and forces the aviation industry as a whole to evaluate its contribution to the environment.

As of this month, 72 states have volunteered to participate in the pilot phase, representing 87.7% of international aviation activity. The USA confirmed its participation less than two months after the letter was issued, committing to take action on its emissions.

It is possible that they will also withdraw from CORSIA – but how likely? Personally I think unlikely at this stage. The USA has still committed to the first phase, despite the scheme not being enforced until 2027. The industry’s commitment to sustainability as a whole is also only getting stronger, something that the USA will not be able to ignore.

You can read Marco Magrini’s full article here.

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