eJet Welcome Richard Whitwell to the Team

eJet International Limited is very pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Whitwell who joins us in the capacity of Business Analyst. Richard brings a wealth of experience with him, having previously worked as a Business Analyst for a large banking group in the areas of Financial Software and IT.

Richard will primarily be working on Fuel Farm Business Transformation projects (DFBOT, Supply Chain Optimisation, Open Access Fuel Supply etc.). These types of commercial project will allow him to flex his analytical muscles in order to achieve optimal results for our clients and their businesses.

We asked Richard to tell us how he fells regarding joining the eJet team and what he is most looking forward to about the role. He told us;

“I am delighted to join eJet International Limited and am very much looking forward to see my skillset compliment and strengthen that of the global team. I enjoy the analytical chase; examining and analysing business models, making recommendations and ultimately seeing clients reap the benefits in improved operational and cost efficiencies. eJet is working on a number of interesting projects at airports around the globe and I am very excited for my future with a company that has a worldwide reputation in the Aviation Fuel Industry”.

eJet has completed a number of business transformation projects and it is a service offering the company is seeking to develop further into 2018 and beyond.

We are really excited about our Business Transformation offering. In an industry which is undergoing considerable change and where supply chains are increasingly fragmented, the improved competition which Open Access fuel supply achieves is of direct appeal to airlines and can lead to lower fuel prices, and the restructuring of the actual fuel operation at the airport can facilitate and protect an important revenue stream for airports.

“We have achieved demonstrable results with our work, and met or exceeded airports’ expectations” commented John Pitts, “Richard will be very involved in the delivery of this offering and we are looking to roll it out wherever possible”.

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