Event Review: ACI Airport Economics & Finance Conference

Last week eJet attended the ACI 10th Annual Airport Economics & Finance Conference which ran from the 9th to 11th April in London.

In our last blog post we announced that we would be exhibiting at the show. Never having done this before, we were very excited at having an opportunity to showcase our Fuel Farm Business Transformation services (amongst others) to some of the industry’s leading CFO’s and Airport Finance teams.

Our exhibition stand was manned by our Managing Director, John Pitts, and Business Analyst, Richard Whitwell (pictured above).

Chatting at ACI“Great to see and meet a lot of the chief players at Airports around the world and talk to them about our services and the commercial prospects of fuel over and above the standard cents per litre income. What was encouraging to hear was that there were a few airports thinking seriously about the integration of fuelling into their plans for expansion rather than not paying any attention to it until too late in the day.
I attended some very interesting sessions that had a diverse range of presenters and panel members; the most interesting one for me was on the networking of airports and how this allows the smaller and often, remote airports to exist and service the local communities. Making air travel work in these situation is always going to be challenging and as the prospects for profit from these airport is very limited, it is even more essential to get the fuelling set-up right to minimise those costs! The Raddison-Blu was a great venue and the team there looked after everyone very well I think”Richard
John Pitts and Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI Europe
“Thoroughly enjoyed the Airport Economics & Finance Conference this week in London. This being the first time we have had a stand showcasing our offerings at a conference, we were very satisfied with the outcomes. We had a great location for the stand, quality material available for delegates to take with them and the level of interest in what eJet does exceeded our expectations. I very much look forward to attending more events like this in the future.” – John
Photo Credit: ACI

 Sessions were varied and included topics such as the economic value of airport slots, airport networks, regulation and future airport tends.

Overall it was a productive and enjoyable few days and we are looking forward to continuing the conversations we started with the many interesting industry colleagues we met.

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