February review

Following the busy time that we had in January, February continued in the same vein.

Our inspection and audit of the airports in Saudi Arabia continued. Paul went there in late January for 2 weeks and as he returned, John commenced his 2 week sortie. John was in the north of the Kingdom for a lot of his time there, the skies were clear and bright, but it was very cold! We plan to complete the inspections of all the airports by mid-April.

We have been kept active tendering on a number of interesting projects this month, and if successful, they will take us far and wide – and also within Europe.

Existing projects in Luxembourg, Dublin and Singapore continue to make good progress, and the team has been active in materials procurement, design and engineering, audit and inspection, and advising clients on Open Access fuel supply.

As we go to press, there is some exciting news about new project work which will be revealed in the March news article.

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