ISO Audit 2021 – Another Successful Year

eJet have just completed their annual ISO Surveillance audit following recertification in 2020. With a successful outcome, we spoke to John Pitts (Managing Director) and Caroline Thomas (Office Manager) regarding the latest results.

How long has eJet been ISO accredited?

2021 is our 4th year of being accredited, and it is an accolade that we are proud to hold. We re-certified our award last year, so the 2021 audit was Surveillance only. That does not mean that we take it less seriously however!

Why did eJet decide to push for full accreditation?

As we have said before, our MD John Pitts wanted to gain the award soon after relocating back to the UK, but it was never going to be a simple achievement given the size of the organisation at that time. There are a lot of processes that need to be in place to help achieve accreditation, and they need constant monitoring to ensure our compliance. eJet wanted to demonstrate that great care and accountability is taken with every step of a project to provide our Clients with a thorough, efficient and complete project. Accreditation strengthens our reputation as being a global expert in Aviation Fuel Facilities.

Is it useful for the efficient running of eJet?

Absolutely! Each process that we have is vital to the smooth running of a project, from the very beginning and an initial enquiry, all the way to project completion and client aftercare. Each step of a Client’s project is measured, monitored and double checked to ensure that all points are discussed, project issues raised and resolutions agreed and that a history is traceable for every decision. We document every stage; this ensures that each Project team member knows what is happening, what developments have been made and where we are at all times.

We constantly review and update processes, adapting to changes, whether that is from an ISO standpoint, or the Client’s expectations. The Management review ensures that we look at all project processes regularly and make improvements to give our Clients’ efficiency and the best service possible. The regular checks ensure that no part of the tender or project process are omitted.

Is it hard to maintain accreditation?

It most certainly is not an easy task! Each year we have our Surveillance audits with re-certification every 3 years. There is a lot of hard work in preparing for any audit, but as each one passes by, the procedure becomes more familiar and therefore second-nature to us.

So what was this year’s result?

We are pleased to say that we did not have any non-conformities; we are exceptionally pleased with the outcome and it is testament to the professionalism that the team display and the rigorousness of our processes. The whole team has done a fantastic job of communicating with Clients and each other, and with full accountability demonstrated throughout.

Having full accreditation helps back up the business practices that eJet have prided themselves on for over 20 years. Whilst they are auditable, just the fact that they are in place makes our day-to-day working so much more efficient, and our relationship with Clients stronger.

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