Making airports greener

airplane wing fuel upliftIt’s really encouraging to see the great progress that the global aviation industry is making with regards to CO2 emissions. As avid supporters of sustainability we feel it should remain a key focus across the whole of the aviation sector if we are to continue to try and reduce our carbon footprint.

At present, 189 global airports are certified at one of the four levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation, welcoming 2.5bn passengers a year. This means that 38% of global air passenger traffic passes through carbon accredited airports which is fantastic, but we’d like to see these numbers increase.

eJet is working with airport operators such as Avinor in Norway who are embracing the use of renewable fuels to support the current initiatives and Oslo Airport in fact was the first airport to offer jet biofuel to all airlines through the normal supply mechanism.

But introducing renewable fuels to the supply chain has a direct impact on how they are stored and handled.  So we hope to be getting involved in more and more of these ground-breaking projects, assessing, advising on and implementing fuel supply systems for airports as they move towards a more sustainable future.

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