Unprecedented Times for Our Industry: Our Response to Covid-19

We live in difficult times, and the pace of change is one that few of us are used to in a business sense and on a sustained basis.

As Aviation Fuel specialists, eJet is part of the wider aviation community, and the industry has been particularly badly hit by the pandemic. Our first thoughts are with all those who have been affected health-wise and commercially.

At eJet we are taking precautions in line with governmental advice and we are fully complying with regulations as they affect us.

This means that, for the time being, the main office in the UK remains open on a single-occupancy basis (John) – albeit interspersed with some home-working to reduce the amount of travel.

All other consultants and team members continue to work from home.

We have efficient video conferencing and other communication tools, and we will make full use of them to minimise person-to-person interactions at this time.

Inevitably travel restrictions are impacting us to the extent that we are unable to visit clients and potential clients in the way that we are used to doing. We will begin to travel again just as soon as it is safe to and we are allowed to.

In the meantime, the current situation clearly presents enormous challenges to all, including in the Aviation Fuel industry.

Guidance has been published to help stakeholders maintain and decommission fuel facilities until operations resume.

We are well-placed to help with this, including carrying out risk assessments, preparing procedures and giving advice remotely.

In no way making light of the restrictions which are in place around much of the world, the current crisis may also present opportunities.

With the downturn in business which is affecting airports, now may be a good time to carry out any modifications or upgrades to hydrant systems – modifications and upgrades which might be much more difficult and costly to do when full operations are taking place.

Again, we would be very pleased to advise on technical, design, engineering, commissioning and operational aspects.

We look forward to when business returns to something more like normal. In the meantime, our thoughts are with all those who are being affected in so many different ways

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