Event Review – IATA Aviation Fuel Forum: May 29th – 31st 2018

IATAThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) represents 290 airlines across the globe, helping them to operate safely, efficiently and economically. They do this by providing global leadership on aviation issues, formulating standards and policies and advocating the interests of airlines to governments and other regulators.

JP and KL at Fuel ForumEvery year IATA set out a list of priorities as decided by the Board of Governors. For 2018 their focus is on reducing airport charges, fuel fees and taxes as well as developing a ‘good baggage practice’ certification, working towards a global agreement for CNG2020 (Carbon Neutral Growth) and developing the commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuels.

The Fuel Forum is a meeting of the aviation fuel community that runs bi-annually for 3 days in different locations around the world. The May forum was held in London but previous locations include Cancun, Dubai, Hanoi, Prague and Miami.

A number of the eJet team usually attend these meetings as it is a good opportunity to learn about technical and commercial developments within the industry and to network and share ideas with old and new acquaintances. eJet’s MD John Pitts, was invited to make a presentation on Fuel Farm Resilience during one of the morning sessions and we intend to make this available shortly via our blog.

Let’s hear what the team had to say about their time at this event:

“I found all the commercial sessions interesting – a good selection. A couple to note on Thursday morning were the European Jet fuel supply session which dovetailed well to the UK supply chain into LHR. Really interesting/worrying to understand how little capacity we have for Jet Fuel production in Europe – even with the Star refinery coming on line in Turkey later this year. The speakers were all very well informed and enthusiastic for their subjects – which makes events like this really worthwhile.” – Richard Whitwell – Business Analyst

John presenting at IATA Fuel Forum London I really enjoyed some of the networking opportunities, particularly at the Fuel Forum dinner which was held at the British Museum. Some interesting discussions arose about airline fuel consortia – which are a typically US fuel model. What a spectacular place for trans-Atlantic dialogue!”Katherine Laing – Business Strategy Director

 “Having become concerned that the industry single fuel farm model may no longer be serving an airport’s best interests because of the risks arising from loss due to fire or terrorism, I relished the chance to speak to the conference’s Technical Fuel Group about Fuel Farm Resilience. I was heartened by the reception my paper received; this is a conversation which needs to continue, and I shall be active in this. I also enjoyed some of the commercial sessions – especially the set of presentations on jet fuel supply chains into London Heathrow Airport and the projects on the slate to ensure resilience as the airport continues to grow.”John Pitts – Managing Director

You can learn more about IATA here: http://www.iata.org

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