Team Member Spotlight – Vicky Dean, Office Manager

VickyVicky joined the eJet team back in August and now after nearly 3 months with us, she features in our first ever Team Member Spotlight blog post. In this series we will shine a light on some of the talented individuals who make up the eJet team; their skills, passions and hobbies. We will also look at some of the day to day activities they undertake as part of their role. At eJet we understand that it is our people and their knowledge and commitment to the company, that really helps us stand out as global leaders within the world of aviation fuel.

So here goes…

Vicky, you have been the Office Manager at eJet International now for 3 months. What has been the highlight so far?

Two things immediately come to mind. Firstly, our recent office move. It has been a great project to cut my teeth on and is also a really exciting move for the company into bigger premises. Secondly, it would have to be a tour I went on of an airport fuel depot just after I started. I got to see the storage tanks and fuel trucks and also got involved with doing some quality control tests on the jet fuel (below). I learnt so much in that one trip (thanks to Paul) and also got to enjoy breakfast in the airside café and watch a private jet land.

Vicky Testing Jet Fuel

Tell us what you do at eJet. A sort of ‘Day in the life of’ but in no more than a few sentences.

My role is really varied and in any given day I could find myself writing internal policies, updating documentation to maintain our ISO 9001 accreditation, answering the telephone or managing our suppliers. As we work in airports all around the world there are generally always a lot of travel arrangements to be made as well as meetings to set up and events to book. I am also currently working on setting up a new project management platform we are introducing in the New Year.  

What would you say are the key skills that you bring to the eJet team?

I love to organise things! I’m a real ‘lists’ person and enjoy planning and project management – I’m one of those odd people who can genuinely say that they are passionate about administration. Having previously worked in the digital sector I am also confident with technology and have been involved with helping eJet make the most of their online video conferencing software and VoIP telephone system, as well as helping to configure the new project management application I mentioned earlier.

We know that you are new to the aviation industry. What have you learnt so far?

The biggest thing I have learnt is just how much complex activity goes on behind the scenes at an airport to keep it operational. I think you really take it for granted as a passenger jetting off on your holidays. For example, I recently began learning about jet fuel supply chains and the processes it has to go through before the fuel even gets to the airport. The scale of everything has been a real eye opener.

As well as a passion for administration, what other interests and hobbies do you have?

I love to read. Anything from the classics (Dickens, Austen, the Bronte’s) right through to personal development books such as Eat That Frog by Brian Tracey. Also, Devon is a beautiful place to live and I make the most of it by going for lots of walks on Dartmoor or around the coast.

Vicky Walking

I think I’m right-brained as it were and so love arts, crafts and music. I’m trying to channel some of my creativity into things like Twitter and the other social media platforms we use at eJet.

Well that concludes our first Team Member Spotlight. Thanks to Vicky for answering our questions. Watch this space to learn more about the eJet team!

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