Team Member Spotlight – Lyndon Clark – Contracts & Procurement Consultant

LyndonLyndon Clark is a Southampton based consultant who works with us on our specialist procurement projects. Lyndon is a valued member of the eJet team and started working with us in 2016. This month for our Team Member Spotlight feature we discuss with him his eJet highlights, career history and hobbies.

So Lyndon, you have been working with eJet for nearly 18 months. What has been the highlight so far?

I was specifically bought in initially to help on a complicated procurement project at a European airport that has been extending its fuel hydrant system. The job involved finding potential suppliers, negotiating lead times and organising a series of quality inspections. The procurement element of this project has just been successfully completed and I always feel satisfied when a project closes and it is a “job well done”.

Above you mention being involved with suppliers and negotiating lead times, is there anything else you might typically do in the course of your work for eJet?

If any issues occur in terms of supply of materials, I may be involved in sorting these out on behalf of the client and help to resolve quality and delivery issues. I also review material inspection reports, help to draw up contracts and review any contract deviations.

If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourself and your working style what would these be and why?

Listener – being a good listener is key to properly understanding client requirements and to navigating project team dynamics
Logical – I like to think that I am quite logical and always approach things in a straight forward and methodical way
Able to Successfully Compromise – I know that technically this isn’t a “word” but I think the ability to know when and how to successfully compromise has really helped me progress throughout my 45 year professional career

45 years, tell us a bit about what you have done in that time?

I started out doing an apprenticeship in a shipyard that built Ships for the Royal Navy. Unfortunately the first ship I worked on (HMS Antelope a Type 21 Frigate) was lost in the Falklands Conflict. I then spent the next 36 years in the Oil Refinery Industry beginning as a welder and then moving on to materials planning and then materials procurement and services contracting.

Aviation is a reasonably natural jump for you then?

Yes, I find it interesting to compare and contrast the refining and jet fuel markets and see how they interlink. There are also the additional safety requirements to get stuck in to when it comes to jet fuel to ensure product is clean and free from contaminants.

When you are not identifying contract risks or specifying materials, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Walking is my main hobby. This makes me feel very at home at eJet where most of the team spend their weekends hiking, climbing or riding their bikes. The New Forest is one of my favourite places to walk but I have also tackled many a mountain too (the picture below is of me navigating Scafell Pike).

LC Map Reading

I am also a Trust Member for the Local primary school and help out on Residential Trips for the pupils to places such as Arundel, Swanage, the Isle of Wight and France. I am also a member of the National Trust.

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