Team Member Spotlight – Lyndon Clark – Procurement and Contracts Consultant

Lyndon is a seasoned professional with an impressive 36 years’ experience in the downstream oil industry.


Starting his career as a welder within Maintenance and Turnaround teams, he progressed to Materials Planning and ultimately Procurement. Having extensive experience of Refining Maintenance, his key strengths are Procurement contracting, contract management materials planning and working with other functional organisations. Lyndon has been with eJet for 4 ½ years and been involved with several major projects throughout Europe and Africa. 

Introduce yourself Lyndon and tell us about some of the projects you have worked on with eJet. 

During my time with eJet I have worked on projects such as the Fuel Hydrant Design Project including purchasing material for Luxembourg Airport, and Asharami Fuel Depot Upgrade and Fuel Hydrant Design at Lagos Airport. Most recently, I have been involved with Yamuna Concession support for Delhi Airport. 

What kind of things might you consider when carrying out work for eJet? 

A bit of research is essential in order to understand who the Client is, and where the work will be located. You can also learn from the eJet team and the Clients they work with; they have all been approachable and engaged people. From a contracts background, client relationships are important, however, focus is also needed in terms of contract compliance. 

We asked the team at eJet HQ to pick 3 words that describe you best. The top choices were thorough, insightful and experienced.  How does this make you feel? 

You feel appreciated if there are positive comments such as these; I enjoy the work and genuinely find it stimulating.  

Tell us a bit more about your career to date and what kind of things you have done to gain all this well reputed knowledge. 

I started working life at 16 with an apprenticeship at the local shipyard in Southampton (Vosper Thornycroft). Originally working on Frigates and Destroyers for the Royal Navy, my base skill was Welding. My working life then evolved into a career within the downstream oil industry for Esso at the Fawley oil refinery as a welder. I worked “on the tools” until the early 1990’s before changing roles to Material Planning. In 1994 I joined an Esso Project with Foster Wheeler for a planned Plant Shutdown at Fawley. Working with Foster Wheeler personnel assigned to the Project gave me an insight into working with a Projects focussed company.  

Whilst with Esso, I was able to work with my counterparts in ExxonMobil globally for piping and valve contracts, then again for services mechanical contracts for onsite work and offsite fabrication. I also undertook the role of helping new hires to a new Business Centre in Prague. I became a mentor to these hires, who were from countries all over the world.  

After 36 years with Esso I took the opportunity to retire in 2016, and joined eJet International as a consultant. 

What do you like most about working in the aviation industry? 

I liked the challenge of moving into a sector different to Downstream. My only interface is in regard to Jet A1 storage tanks on the refinery, and some Project interface on replacement sections of cross-country aviation fuel line pipeline. I have found Fuel Hydrant systems interesting in terms of the differences, compared to Downstream requirements. Good engineering and design, helping to maintain fuel quality in the equipment operation, is important to keep an aircraft in the air safely. 

And finally, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am fortunate to have Grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them when able to. I also enjoy Gardening, walking in my local area and the wider countryside beyond and, as I am a season ticket holder supporting Portsmouth Football Club, getting to as many matches as possible! 

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